Personalized Pet memorial pendant jewelry w/ cremation ashes, pet fur - pet lovers pet loss memory necklace keepsake

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Keep your loved-one close to your heart with a beautiful memorial pendant inlaid with cremation ashes and fur. 

Hand-crafted with empathy, love and care, your loved one’s ashes are carefully incorporated into resin, which is set permanently to protect the ash inside from any damage.

Your loved one’s remains will always be handled with great care and respect. I will keep in contact with you throughout the process letting you know your loved one has arrived safely, then sending you completed pictures, followed by sending any unused ashes back with your completed piece.

Since it is handmade, your memorial jewelry piece will be unique and each item will vary slightly in appearance.


Production & Delivery Time
Production time is usually 3-5 days
Please allow an additional 5-10 business days for delivery after production.

Once you place your order I will send you my address so you can mail me your pet's ashes and fur. If you live in Calgary, Canada, you can drop them off. I only need about ¼ teaspoon which I recommend sending in a doubled plastic zip lock bag inside an envelope.

Please note: Shopify limits the number of options I can offer per product so please select your choices for the 2 available options. Once I receive your order I will email you and we can discuss the additional options.


Pendant Colour:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Teal

Pendant Shape:

  • Silver heart (2.5x2.5 cm)
  • Silver square ( 2.5x2.5 cm)
  • Silver, gold, black or burnished brass oval (3X4 cm) 
  • Silver or burnished brass rectangle (2.5x5 cm)
  • Silver round (3cm)

 Necklace options:

  • Black cord or Silver chain